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Ocean Startup Project is Expected to Create 3,000 Jobs in Canada

Ocean Startup Project is Expected to Create 3,000 Jobs in Canada
The government of Canada has started a new initiative to support the Canadian booming ocean economy. The Project of Ocean Startup is an element of the Innovation Super-clusters Initiative, which is assumed to create above 3,000 jobs and produce higher than 14 billion dollars for the economy of Canada.

Canada is home to the largest coastline in the globe and the 4th largest ocean territory in the globe. The intention behind the startup project is to take benefit of this and produce a strategy to support the Canadian precious ocean industry.

This Canadian economy sector already employs about 350,000 individuals and produces 36 billion dollars yearly for the economy of Canada. Higher than 50 percent of that revenue is produced in Atlantic Canada.

To stay competitive, there is a requirement for the advancement and development of marine technologies. The principle of the Ocean Startup Project is to help startups and support the progressed application of these technologies in the industry.

The project also intends to help firms to hire employees with the required skills. The government of Canada has said that, in specific, it is aiming to promote the participation of under-represented groups like Indigenous people and women.

Canada remains to face a deficit of skilled workers. Last year, the Business Development Bank of Canada survey revealed that 53% of small & medium-sized firms didn't have adequate skilled labor to match their requirements, forcing them to restrict their business development.

Immigration Opportunities for Skilled Workers

Interested Skilled workers can take advantage of this opportunity; the quickest and simplest way of immigrating to Canada is by the Federal Express Entry system. Express Entry is utilized to process plenty of Canadian immigration applications for skilled and eligible workers who intend to migrate to Canada.

Almost every two weeks, the federal government manages a draw where they announce invitations to apply (I.T.As) for Canada PR to the top-ranking profiles in the pool of Federal Express Entry.

Upon obtaining an ITA, applicants can then submit a comprehensive application for Canada PR, which will be processed in 4-6 months. While the number of jobs remaining to increase and an aging population now is a suitable time for skilled immigrant workers who are attending to work and live in Canada.

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