Online MBA Program Launched by Lancaster University Management School

Online teaching is the future and Lancaster University Management School wants to make sure that they are on track with the constantly evolving technology. It no more matters if you are studying in some esteemed college or at home, until and unless the knowledge you are gaining is from a trustworthy and reliable source. Lancaster University believes firmly in its online MBA program and recently signed a decree for investing money to develop it even further. Angus Laing, the management school’s dean and director of e-learning, has formed an e-learning team and launched a furbished Executive MBA program across the university’s international campuses.

Chris Saunders is the director of the E-MBA program, which is currently taught at the university’s campuses in Lancaster in the UK, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and Accra in Ghana. The management school is planning to open the program in London, United Kingdom. The entire program isn’t delivered online in the first half of it takes place in a classroom setting, and the remaining 40 percent, which mostly consists of electives is delivered online.

How is online learning changing?

Angus feels that if you want to join international campuses, you have to get online. There has been a small number of universities that have actively engaged in online learning, but the majority of them haven’t embraced it with the required enthusiasm. We’re in currently in an environment where a set of factors work together, which you must embrace. The maturity of the technology makes it much more permissive. People are more comfortable working and studying in a digital environment. Angus also noted that since many students do internships during their studies, online coursework helps them apply their knowledge to practical life.

Lancaster University strongly believes that globalization, online learning, and brand building go hand in hand and Angus is working towards developing a completely online MBA program.

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