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The Pilot Student Visa Program in UK
Posted on: 08 Jan 2018  |   Tags: study abroad , visa and immigration , work abroad ,

The United Kingdom’s Pilot Student Visa Program is a hit. The program started in 2016 where it was introduced in four universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, and Bath. After its success in these universities, the UK government has launched it in 23 more universities. The Pilot Student Visa Program allows non-European Union and Indian students a six months extension after their student visa expires. Only master’s students with courses lasting for 13 months or lesser are eligible for this pilot program. It is an excellent opportunity for international students wanting to settle in the UK after completing studies. After UK’s post-study work visa expired in 2012, it wasn't reduced. It results in dropped the number of international students coming to the UK as the student visa only gives you a couple of months to find the job. The country doesn’t allow students to find jobs before getting their results and thesis approved. It leaves students with only a few weeks to get a job, which is very difficult. The dreams not fulfilled and they have to return home. The pilot program is a ray of hope and makes life easier for these students. The universities which are a part of this program have to do eligibility checks. It means that students applying for these universities will have to submit fewer documents for visa processing. Out of these 23 universities, two are in Wales, two are in Scotland, one is in Northern Ireland, and the rest are in England. Open to everyone Brandon Lewis, UK’s Immigration Minister, said that there is no limit to the number of students who can come into the country using the pilot program until they are genuine. Professor Sir Keith Burnett from the University of Sheffield said that international students are essential for boosting the economies of the cities and towns they live in.

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