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Plenty of Opportunities for Immigrants in the Canadian Smaller Cities

Plenty of Opportunities for Immigrants in the Canadian Smaller Cities

Appreciations to the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), newcomers are finding it simpler to immigrate to the Canadian smaller cities. These cities offer various job opportunities and high quality of living with affordable costs.

The Canadian provinces are operating Provincial Nominee Programs (P.N.Ps) intending to bring more immigrants to cities outside. PNPs have encouraged to drop the share of immigrants in the three largest provinces of Canada British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec from 85% in 1999 to nearly 70% today.

Along with the P.N.Ps, the Candian government has also begun a few immigration programs like Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) AND Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) in order to promote Canadian regional immigration. The government of Canada is also preparing to start the Municipal Nominee Program (M.N.P) to encourage immigrants to smaller cities.

Provinces also run immigration streams below their respective P.N.Ps to bring more newcomers to smaller cities.

Advantages of Moving to Canadian Smaller Cities 

Job opportunities

Several Canadian smaller cities have a less unemployment rate related to the national median, which is a big advantage for the foreigners who choose to settle in these areas. Moreover, Canadian smaller cities have lesser competitive labor markets and that encourages immigrants to find employment quicker.

High Quality of Life

Another benefit that the citizens of a smaller city can enjoy is the better life quality. The time that it will take you to travel to work in these cities is less as there is minimal traffic. There are also possibilities to involve in recreational and cultural activities like that of bigger cities. In some regions, you are able to go for activities of outdoor such as hiking and skiing. It is also simpler to develop friendships in the small cities, which have higher tight-knit communities.

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