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Post-Graduation Work Permit Applicants Can Work After Moving Outside Canada
Posted on: 22 Feb 2020  |   Tags: Canada PR Visa , Jobs in Canada , Low Skilled Workers ,

Post-Graduation Work Permit Applicants Can Work After Moving Outside Canada

Foreign student graduates will no longer expect to wait in Canada during their Post-Graduate Work Permit (P.G.W.P) application is processing. As of 21 Feb, 2020 graduates who are suitable to work full-time basis without a work permit can maintain their capacity to work lawfully in Canada even if they depart and re-enter Canada.

Global students need to appeal for their P.G.W.P prior to their study permit ends in order to be permitted to work on a full-time basis. It may take longer than 90 days for a P.G.W.P decision to go by.

To work in Canada by not having a Canadian work permit, P.G.W.P appellants need to meet the below criteria:

  • They held a valid study permit of Canada while submitting the application for P.G.W.P.
  • They have finished their study program and earned a diploma or degree.
  • They were full-time students recorded in a vocational, post-secondary, or professional training of a minimum of 6 months in duration at an authorized learning institute.
  • They didn't work longer than 20 hours for each week through their study program.

If the government of Canada denies the application for a work permit, then the graduate requires to stop working as soon as the individual notified by the ministry of immigration.

P.G.W.P and Canada PR

After completing a Canadian study program, particular global students may be qualified to live and work in Canada with a P.G.W.P. If their application for a Post-Graduation work permit is accepted, global student graduates are able to work in Canada for a duration of 8 months to 3 years.

If the final aim is to settle permanently in Canada, work experience earned by a P.G.W.P can considerably allows a graduate’s path to Canada PR by the Federal Express Entry system.

Federal Express Entry is an application control system for Canadian three central economic immigration programs: Canadian Experience Class; Federal Skilled Worker Class; and Federal Skilled Trades Class.

Those with high C.R.S scores are more possible to be chosen for an Invitation to Apply (I.T.A) for Canada PR through usual Federal Express Entry draws. Work experience in Canada is extremely valuable for a candidate’s comprehensive CRS score.

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