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Present Requirements For Obtaining The UK Spouse Visa

Present Requirements For Obtaining The UK Spouse Visa

Completion of the application to seek the UK Spouse Visa involves a complex, lengthy and an intimidating process. Moreover, recently, the UK Government has made the measures tight besides introducing a series of strict requirements, to make a concentrated effort on false marriages. This scenario presents a huge challenge to acquire the spousal visa. The situation is tough for people who had an experience of the UK immigration system earlier.


A spouse visa in the UK permits the applicants in joining their partner and for living in the Kingdom for thirty months. They are also eligible to work after holding this visa. Moreover, the non-British associate is not in a position to claim the tax credits, benefits, and housing assistance that the UK citizens can claim easily.

For applying to get the spouse visa, the partner of the applicant has to be a British citizen, already or settle in the UK using the Indefinite Leave to Remain and have a settled status or PR.


  1. Both parties must have age of 18 years at the time of applying. They must meet in person and have the desire of living together permanently in the United Kingdom, when they get the visa.
  2. Applicants must also provide the proof that they have a legal marriage/civil partnership that has recognition in the Kingdom. The certificate regarding the marriage/civil partnership must be included along with the application. If it is apart from a language that is not English, there must be a valid translation also.
  3. In case of applying as an unmarried partner, applicants must offer evidence that the unmarried UK partner and they lived together for two years. The evidence has to be a Tenancy Agreement, A Joint Bank Account, or Some Joint Mortgage.
  4. All the applicants must have a genuine and subsisting relationship with the UK partners. Applicants have to provide a proof supporting their sincerity in relationship, like the:
  5. Evidence of communication, text messages and social media chat logs. These must be downloaded in large volume and submitted accordingly.
  6. Travel documents proving their mutual visits
  7. Photographs of the pair depicting their overall relationship the dating and a brief summary through photographs, and the variety of photographs of different stages in the couple’s life
  8. Certificate of Marriage /civil partnership
  9. Divorce certificate wherever applicable  
  10. Including much evidence supporting the genuineness of a relationship is important.
  11. Statements of third parties, (family members, or friends) should be included to strengthen the case.
  12. If applicants/partners were married in the past or had a civil partnership, it is imperative to include a proof like the divorce certificate showing the permanent breakdown of the earlier relationship. There must be a translation into English if it exists in a different language.


  1. Applicants must have adequate money for supporting themselves while living in the Kingdom, without claiming any public funds. They have to meet the requirements of minimum income to get the approval of spouse visa.
  2. They must have a joint annual income of £18,600. In case of children involved, the increase £3,800 for the first, and £2,400 for all subsequent children.
  3. Meeting  the income requirement, is possible through different sources like the employment/ self-employment income, cash savings more than £16,000, maternity pays and finally the pensions.
  4. Applicants must provide an income proof in the application, by showing a bank statement for six months’ that has six months’ of pay slips, employers’ letters showing the job role, and duration of employment.


There are a few exemptions by the Home Office, but the applicant must meet the requirement of English language, after passing a language test.

The applicants must, have A-1 level English in speaking and listening, in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. They must visit an approved centre, take the test, and obtain an English Language Certificate.


While applying include a certificate in the application proving a screening for tuberculosis,

In the living arrangements, the property where the couple intends to live in the UK must be in ownership or occupancy by their family exclusively. The property must show if the accommodation is on rent, ownership, or a home of a member of the family or of the friends.


These documents are considered necessary while submitting the application:

  • A Valid passport
  • Proof of minimum income requirement
  • Evidence of genuine relationship
  • A certificate in English language
  • Right of living in the country from where the applicant applies
  • TB test results,

Finally, enlist the assistance and services of a knowledgeable immigration consultant conversant with the law to complete the essential formalities for increasing the chances of approval. We offer all the guidance in this matter. Please contact us.

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