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Quebec Investor Program ready to accept 1900 New Applications

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program has decided to accept 1900 new applications from September 10, 2018, as per the announcement of the Provincial Immigration Ministry. Additionally it has passed its immigration programs on July 18, 2018. The revised investor program features an increased investment and also the net worth norms for the first time in 8 years. It requires an investment of $1.2 million, which in the past was $800,000. The net worth amount to qualify, stands at $2 million, which in the past, was $1.6 million. New Requirements under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

  1. The personal net worth should be Legally acquired and stay at $2 million;
  2. The  norm for experience is Two years of apt management or business in the five years before applying;
  3. Investing $1.2 million in a passive government guaranteed investment for five years which will not carry any interest;
  4. Finally there must be an Intention to settle in Quebec.
This Investor Program commenced in 1986, and is the largest and popular investment immigration program in Canada. The 2018-19 program will also accept 1900 fresh applications beginning from Sept 10th, 2018 and ending at March 15th, 2019.   The share of China and Macau is 1330 of the applications and 570 will be for other nations.  Applicants who possess advanced intermediate abilities in the French language do not have to worry about the quota limits. When the federal government ended its program in 2014, the Quebec program has occupied a prominent place the Canadian business. Moreover, it admits more business immigrants in comparison to all the nomination programs of provinces combined. It accounts for $1 billion in direct investment to the province since it was introduced. Economic Immigration Targets for 2018
Category Minimum Maximum
Economic immigration 28,700 31,300
  • Skilled worker
24,200 26,300
  • Business
4,000 4,300
  • Other economic*
500 700

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