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Quebec Sets New Guidelines For The Values Test Starting On January 1

Quebec Sets New Guidelines For The Values Test Starting On January 1

The immigration department in Quebec released guidance on the fresh values test, which was introduced on Jan 1, 2020, and concerns all candidates.

The Impact Of Test

From that date all candidates, as well as accompanying family members need to get the Quebec values certificate which is an essential part of the immigration application in Quebec.

The way to success here is through passing the online test or through attending an information session of the Quebec government.

The test applies to these programs:

  • Quebec Experience class,
  • Regular Skilled Workers,
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Quebec Immigrant Investor, and
  • Self-Employed

The Practical Guide is offered in French, Mandarin, English, and Spanish containing the relevant information they will need to pass the values test.

It covers these important topics:

  • Quebec is a Francophone, democratic, and secular society, strongly believing in the Equality between men and women and the rights and responsibilities of its citizens.
  • Candidates also have to follow diverse rules to gain the certificate as per their status in the province.
  • Candidates/family members having the valid study or work- permit

Details of the information session

  • The candidates must attend an information session prior to the submission of a request for permanent selection. Such Participation attests to the learning of the values of the candidate.
  • Additionally, the Candidates submitting the request for permanent selection without obtaining first this certificate need to pass the online assessment or again take part in the information session in 60 days of the request to get the certification.
  • Furthermore, the Candidates having the valid study/work permit, but who go with family members not having it must note that the  family members can pass the online assessment or take part in the information session after submission of a request for selection (permanent) and paying the necessary fees, in 60 days of the request to get the certification.
  • Candidates and family members having the valid study/work permit
  • Candidates, on receiving the request by Minister for certification, have to complete an online assessment

Other rules

  • Candidates will not be allowed to take part in an information session without trying to succeed in the online evaluation twice.
  • The candidates as well as family members, who fail in the online assessment even after the second attempt, can opt between a third test as well as final attempt, or of taking an information session. They cannot choose both.
  • The request of Candidates not able to get the certificate in the arranged time will be rejected.

Simon Jolin-Barrette the Immigration Minister had outlined pattern questions for this at the time of announcing the Quebec values test on Oct 30, 2019.

These included:

  • Whether Since March 27, 2019, as per Bill 21, on the state secularism, every police officer is not allowed to wear religious symbols, on a job, is true or false?
  • Who are persons allowed to marry legally in Quebec? Males/Females, Females / Females, Males / Males,
  • Do women and Men in Quebec enjoy the same rights?

Other rules

  • There is an Identification of the situations where discriminatory hiring practices might be prevalent affecting the pregnant woman, or a person not having the right qualifications or a colored person
  • Dependent children below 18 years and candidates having a medical condition that prevents them to take a test get an exemption,
  • Regulations say that candidates also have to score 75 percent or more to succeed in the test in a matter of 90 minutes. 

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