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Report Says Above 80% of Skilled Worker Immigrants Find a Job in Canada

Report Says Above 80% of Skilled Worker Immigrants Find a Job in Canada

Higher than 80% of skilled immigrant workers finding a job in Canada and the majority of them are getting permanent jobs, as per the study of World Education Services. The survey states approximately 2/3rd of skilled immigrants finding a job in less than three months, increasing to approximately 74% in six months.

The report, extracted from a survey of higher than 6,400 skilled worker newcomers completed in 2018, is a validation of Canadian transition from an immigration system depends on particular labor market deficits to one concentrated on bringing in high-skilled and well-educated newcomers.

At the forefront of that transformation has been the Express Entry system, which started in 2015 to prefer applications from applicants with the experience and skills to succeed in Canada.

WES Report: Major Findings

  • 80.3% of applicants were employed in Canada
  • 78.7% of them permanent positions
  • 61.2% of them found work in less than 3 months
  • 73.8% of them were employed in less than 6 months

The WES report reveals that young newcomers with previous experience in Canada were more likely to get work than older applicants with no previous experience. Following on from this, the highest employment rates were observed in Canadian Experience Class applicants.

Through the C.E.C, the largest proportion of newcomers had prior work experience in the food industry. Meantime, some 70% of Federal Skilled Workers were earlier employed in the sector of health.

The findings were related to a 2017 Statistics Canada report concentrating on employment among university-educated Canadian citizens and permanent residents. It reported a rate of employment of 82.1% for newcomers and 91.4% for the Canadian-born population.

This places the employment gap within newcomers and their Canadian-born peers at the least since 2006.

While the increasing immigrant rate of employment is an essential positive, the report also unveiled that many newcomers are incapable to find work at their skill level, education, and experience.

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