Russian Govt. Marketing Campaign to Come Back Russian Students

The Russian government recently launched a marketing campaign requesting more than 60,000 Russian students who are studying abroad to come back home as they have Russophobic attitudes towards citizens and students living abroad. Launched on April 16, 2018, the campaign is run by a government agency, who believes that lately European countries have increasingly taken on a harshly expressed anti-Russian character. Many countries including the United Kingdom and the United States accused Russia of poisoning Sergei Skripal, former Russian double agent and his daughter in Salisbury, England in March 2018.

Even though the Russian government denied conducting the attack, several Western nations have fired Russian diplomats, promoting Russia to expel Western countries diplomats. Russia even went on to close down one of the US embassies. Young Russians are experiencing unfriendly attitude towards them in western countries. Oksana Buryak, moderator, Rossotrudnichestvo project, said that it is a question of safety for our youth, who study abroad. There is a high possibility of Russians living abroad getting involved in fights by being provocative by unfriendly behavior.

A representative of Moscow Times confirmed that the program focused mainly on bringing back Russian students from Great Britain. Genri Sardarian, head of the department, management and politics, MGIMO University of Moscow, said that schools and universities across Russian country are ready to accept these students and let them continue their remaining study at home. He said that we often value too highly to foreign universities and underrate home universities.

Worsening ties between Russia and the United States

Worsening ties between the US and Russia has made it very difficult for American students to come for studying in Russia. Reputed University in the US is Stanford University located in California, recently suspended its study abroad program after US State Department marked Russia as a dangerous country to visit in January 2018.

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