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Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination - candidates for In-Demand Occupations can apply

On September 20, 2018, The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program conducted its Expression of Interest draw. It invitedĀ 140 candidates among the International Skilled Workers for the Occupations In-Demand sub-category. The candidate with the lowest rank had scored 75 points under the point- assessment grid of S.I.N.P. Furthermore, this was the second S.I.N.P. E.O.I. draw after the province replaced its time based system in July 2018. All overseas nationals interested to immigrate to Saskatchewan in the Express Entry of Saskatchewan and Occupations In-Demand sub-categories can join the process. They have to register in the OASIS online system of S.I.N.P. and also complete the E.O.I. profile. A major requirement for all these candidates is to accumulate and show work experience, of one year in a skilled occupation, that exists on the Demand Occupation list in the S.I.N.P. Additionally, such candidates receiving the Invitation for the provincial nomination, get 60 days for submitting an online application, complete in all aspects to the S.I.N.P.

Ranking in S.I.N.P. E.O.I

Furthermore, there is an assessment process, for profiles based on responses of the candidates, to the questions concerning education, work experience, and proficiency in language (English /French), and also some other factors. Subsequently, Profiles get a score out of 100 points depending on assessment grid of the province. They must also obtain 60 points and meet all other eligibility norms get an invitation. The S.I.N.P. follows these steps to rank the candidates: 1. Identifying the highest score of E.O.I. candidates. 2. Prioritizing candidates who have a connection to the province. In this there is consideration for a close family relative in Saskatchewan, or for the past work experience, and any past study experience in the province. 3. Also, giving priority to candidates, having more years of work experience, and the high language scores.

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