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Alberta Selects Express Entry Candidates With Low Scores In Its September Draws

After an important reformation made in the List of In-demand Occupations for the subcategories of Express Entry and Occupations In-demand of Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (S.I.N.P), the Saskatchewan province attended its nomination draw on 25 September 2019. S.I.N.P prolonged invitations to 769 Occupation In-Demand and Express Entry applicants to apply for a nomination from the province for Canada PR.

All the invited applicants indicated 100 professions that included civil engineers, chemical engineers, psychologists, medical radiation technologists, and IT consultants and analysts.

Past week, the modifications made to the List of In-demand Occupations of SINP significantly extended the number of high-skilled professions that are qualified below its subcategories of famous Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand from 19 to 218.

The category-wise invitations breakup of comprises 365 invitations to Occupation In-Demand applicants and 404 invitations to applicants below the Express Entry subcategory that is associated to Canadian Express Entry system.

It has also been announced that the draw held on 25 September were one of the biggest draws held by the Saskatchewan province since it switched its Occupation In-Demand and Express Entry subcategories to an Expression of Interest (E.O.I) system on Jul 2018. The recent draw gave invitations to applicants with minimum E.O.I scores– for subcategory Express Entry the minimum score is 70 and for subcategory Occupation In-Demand the minimum score is 79.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program: EOI System

The change from first-come and first-serve to EOI system have efficiently addressed the labor demands of the region by managing a list of qualified applicants for Occupation In-Demand and Express Entry subcategories.

The S.I.N.P’s EOI system announces a score to qualified candidates depends on parameters such as their work experience, education, knowledge in English or French and links to the province of Saskatchewan. Subsequently, the applicants above the minimum required score are invited to appeal for a nomination from the province through periodic draws from the EOI pool of SINP.

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