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Statistics Canada: Immigration Driving The Canadian Population Growth

Statistics Canada: Immigration Driving The Canadian Population Growth

Most of the Canadian latest population increase is because of immigrants so thanks to immigrants, and as a consequence, the nation is becoming more diverse. There is also proof that the employment gap between Canadian-born workers and immigrant workers is decreasing.

Statistics Canada states that 82% of the Canadian population increase between the years 2018 and 2019 was the outcome of global migration. Many provinces of Canada are pushing for immigration in an attempt to drive population growth.

The natural population increase is assumed to proceed on a downward trend. Population increases are assumed to be driven by global migration.

More newcomers in the workforce, so diversity is growing in the cities

The gap in employment rate between Canadian-born workers and new immigrants is the least that it has been observed in the past decade. The gap in employment rate declined from the previous 19% points in the year 2010 to 13% points in the year 2018.

Latest immigrants are also encountering more active growth in the rates of the employment than the Canadian-born. Immigrants saw their rate of employment improved by 7.7% points from the year 2010 to 2018, related to 2.1% points for native Canadians.

About 50 percent of all newcomers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Above half, 54 percentage, of those in Canada within the ages of 25 years and 64 years with an S.T.E.M (science, engineering, technology, mathematics) degree are newcomers.

Evident minority populations are assumed to remain on an uptrend, especially in bigger cities. By the year 2036 up to 40 percentage of the population who are aged between 15 years and 64 years is expected to belong to a noticeable minority group. Statistics Canada also assumes that up to 31 percentage of the population will have their native language other than the English language or French language, and up to 16 percentage will have a religion which is non-Christian.

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