Taiwan Offers Online Multiple Entry Visa For HK Citizens

Taiwan has shown that it can be considerate, after agreeing to grant quick tourist visas to Hong Kong citizens. Taiwan’s tourism sector sees a lot of Hong Kong residents. It intends to take advantage and increase the sector revenues by bringing in more tourists.

Apart from increasing the inflow of tourists, Taiwan has also made it easy to obtain the tourist visas. It has done this by shifting the entire procedure online and allowing them to take advantage of the multiple entry visa. Tourists from Hong Kong can now apply for multiple entry visa online.

However, Taiwan has made it clear that this facility is only allowed for permanent residents from Hong Kong who possess a Hong Kong passport. So permanent residents from Hong Kong with different passports, British National Overseas citizens are not eligible.

Hong Kong is not the only place where Taiwan attracts tourists from. Macau is another place which sends a lot of tourists towards Taiwan. In consideration of this fact, Taiwan has extended this rule to Macau as well.

multiple entry visa
Source: alltimelists

Making things easier with the multiple entry visa

This is opposed to the system in place before. It allowed Hong Kong residents to apply online for only the single entry visa. If they wanted a multiple entry visa, they had to submit their applications to the representative office located in the island’s Admiralty. Even if Taiwan has simplified the system, they have retained the Visa-On-Arrival option. Perhaps it is a part of a phase-wise upgrade.

The online application system is simpler as compared to traditional application procedure involving a lot of paperwork. Since the tourists can apply online, they can enter their own details and drastically reduce the element of human error.

The immediate result of this action was that the total number of visitors from Hing Kong and Macau is 966,000, which is a 7.16% net growth. It seems that Taiwan has played its cards right.

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