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The UK Plans To Introduce Visas to Chefs for Curry Houses

The UK Plans To Introduce Visas to Chefs for Curry Houses
Britain will introduce visas in order to save the curry houses, as per the announcement of Home Secretary. Also there are plans to lift all restrictions on immigration of skilled chefs.

The Present Scenario

There are fears that curries which are the favorite takeaway of Britain are at risk of extermination because specialist cooks are unable to get clearance to reach the country. Before the introduction of the new immigration system, based on points, after the exit of Britain, from the EU, there will be a change, in the rules, to allow the restaurants, to hire high skilled chefs easily, for meeting their needs. The UK has an excellent food scene in the world and after these changes it will work better she added.

The rate of Curry houses closing today is brisk and the industry is seeking a better deal from the ministers for years, and has also warned about the shortage of chefs.

Before this, takeaway restaurants were not able to recruit overseas specialist chefs. The PM has also promised that Britain will open its doors to hire the brightest talent.

The Reasons

The main reason was that the declining immigration was squeezing staff strength, and the weak pound was driving up the costs. In the past there were plenty of South Asian workers in restaurants that specialized in spicy curries and thrived in the UK.

Getting chefs to work in Britain in Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants was possible, but now it is tough, under current laws. Immigration is considered the driving force behind the present politics. The share of European Union citizens, working in the Kingdom, is falling drastically and there is a strong need of replacement, so that not only the Indians, but also the British citizens, can enjoy the tastiest of curries.


The remedy is higher inflow from South Asia, easy visa rules, allowing a low salary threshold to hire overseas workers and regularization of undocumented workers.

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