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Canada’s unemployment Rate Reports

Canada’s unemployment rate fall down again to 5.8% in the October month. October another solid month for Canada jobs figures. As per the latest Labour Force Survey, the employment extends of 11,200 across Canada for the October, integrating the raised doe 206,000 for the last year. Out in the regions, Quebec and British Columbia also saw their jobless edge down 0.1%, maintaining them in the top two rankings.

List of Top Technology Jobs in Canada

  1. Computer Programmer
  2. Software Developer
  3. Computer Engineerto-5-8-
  4. IT Project Manager
  5. Software Engineer
2018 October month observed increased employment to 31,000 among employees aged 25 to 54, with male workers in the age group for 18,000 of the rise. This leads to the jobless rate for core-aged men falls to 4.9 percent, compared to 5% for women of the same age group. Columbia continues to top the way among Canada’s regions, increasing the jobless rate of 4.1%, a full 1.1% less than second-ranked Quebec. The French-speaking areas, however, obtain 9,100 jobs across the October month, downing its joblessness from 5.3% to 5.2. Ontario added more 2,500 occupations, unnecessary considering the population of the regions, which has an nonoccupational rate of 5.6%. Ontario has again added 83,000 jobs over the last year, a 1.3% extended. At Saskatchewan, occupation increased by 2,500 for an nonoccupational rate of 6.2%.

Unemployment Statistics in Canada

Jobs change August

Unemployment Rate (%)

1) British Columbia



2) Quebec



3) Ontario



4) Manitoba



5) Saskatchewan



6=) New Brunswick



6=) Prince Edward Island



8) Alberta



9) Nova Scotia



10) Newfoundland & Labrador






Best Performing Industries in Canada

According to industries point of view, Building, Business, and other service-oriented companies are included 22,000 jobs in October for an increase of 43,000, or 5.7% in the last 12 months. Social assistance and Healthcare saw employment gains of 15,000 for a year rise of 1.6%. Over the year, In the public sector, despite an October lower of 31,000 jobs, the occupation has still increased by 55,000 and the private sector jobs have expanded by 133,000 in October. 19,000 jobs are seen in retail trade and wholesale, fuelled especially by Quebec.

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