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Theresa May Might Drop International Students from the Immigration Cap
Posted on: 11 Jan 2018  |   Tags: study abroad , visa and immigration , work abroad ,

After not getting support from her Cabinet and her Conservative Party, UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, might drop international students from the immigration cap. The logic is simple, they have come to study. She should count them as immigrants only when they start working and stay for more than 12 months. Post-Brexit, the United Kingdom has been efficiently working to strengthen trade with countries outside the European Union. But making things difficult for the students and IT workers there might not work in her country’s favor. Also, many university professors are planning to leave the country and find a job somewhere else because of lack of support from the government. The former Home Minister has always had a hard time not considering international students as immigrants. Great Britain and has strong trade relations with India and the only way to strengthen them are by safeguarding the future of Indian students and workers there, which May is undoubtedly not trying to do. Boris Johnson, UK’s Foreign Minister, strongly opposes the inclusion as well. It seems like May is forging data to get her way through the unpopular immigration bill. Her report of the number of international students who stayed was far higher than those who actually overstayed. They only stayed because they got the Tier 2 sponsorship. It wasn’t that they were staying illegally. Democrat leader called her stubborn Her own party warned Theresa May that when it comes to the voting day, she might lose and will have to face a shameful defeat because the majority of the parliament is against it. George Osborne, the former Chancellor, accused the prime minister of carrying out the bill procedures by herself and without considering the cabinet’s view. Vincent Cable, a Liberal Democrat leader, accused May of being stubborn on including international students into the immigration cutoff. It is utterly unnecessary and makes no sense.

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