Turks To Soon Get Visa-free Travel To Russia

A few years ago Russia had taken away visa-free travel privilege from the Turks, but they are soon planning to reinstate it. Aleksandr Novak, Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak addressed the issue on Sunday visa liberalization to passport holders will soon be into action. The intention of the visa-free travel is to remove trade barrier between Russia and Turkey.

Aleksandr Novak said that Russia’s trade volume has increased 30 per cent as compared to 2016. He feels it is very less than Russia’s potential. The government wants to achieve the $100 billion trade volume target set by Russian and Turkish leaders. To achieve it, association between Russia and Turkey needs to be enhanced. Novak said that the Russian government wants to liberalize energy and agriculture sectors between the two nations.

Visa-free travel for Turks in Russia
Source: Global Defense News

Business alliance between Turkey and Russia

Turkey and Russia had gone through a bit of conflict in 2015. In November 2015, Turkey had downed a Russian Su-24 fighter jet as the Russians had violated Turkey’s airspace. Following the incident, Russia banned food products and visa-free entry from Turkey. Russia also stopped its natives to not visit Turkey. It was only in mid 2016 that Turkey and Russia’s relationship started improving.

In July 2017, Turkey’s Petroleum Pipeline Company made a financial agreement with Russia’s Gazprom regarding the Turkish Stream pipeline. It is 1,100 km long project that will deliver 63 billion cubic meters of natural gas every year in Turkey. Out of it 16 billion cubic meters is allocated for Turkey’s domestic use.

Both countries are known for their natural beauty and cultural heritage. They are so different from each other but so alike when it comes to culture. The visa-free travel will not only boost the tourism industry but also other industries such as natural gas, agriculture, equipment production, and textile.

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