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UK Government Announces Granting Of Free Visas To Global Students

UK Government Announces Granting Of Free Visas To Global Students
The UK government through its announcement of the new post-study work visa has provided a major boost to many students.

A Positive Step

This is a step to expand opportunities and benefit the talented global students to have a successful career in the Kingdom. The fresh Graduate route opens to all global students having the valid immigration status as students who have completed the study course successfully in a subject in the undergraduate level or higher through the approved Education Provider in the UK. The visa also allows all eligible students for working or looking for work, in a career/position preferred by them, for a period of two years after completion of studies.

This is a development in the UK governmental action for recruiting and retaining the finest and bright global talent, and opening of opportunities for a future breakthrough in the domains of science, research, and technology and top class work which the global talents bring to the Kingdom.

Helping To Build A Successful Career

Home Secretary has stated that a new Graduate Route means many talented students, in science, technology mathematics and engineering, can become the students in the Kingdom, and also get work experience, while they build a successful career. It shows a global outlook and ensures that the UK attracts the top talents. Indeed this is good news for many students, who now can spend extra time in the UK after they complete their degree, and also gain useful skills and rich experience.

There are some of the best high education institutions in the UK and it continues to greet global students.  In 2018

The announcement will also help the United Kingdom to remain an ideal study destination across the world. The number of students had an increase of 42% in 2019 and in a significant manner in the past three years.

The Approach Is Positive

The announcement comes after the creation of a fast-track visa catering to the scientists and removing of a limit for Ph.D. students intending to move to skilled work visas.  With these measures, the UK will be a superpower and a global leader in the domains of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics.

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