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UK Immigration Relaxes Immigration Rules to Welcome Talented Scientists

UK Immigration Relaxes Immigration Rules to Welcome Talented Scientists

UK Immigration has a proposal to relax rules for attracting more elite scientists after Britain’s exit from the EU by adopting fast-track visas, as per Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister.

The aim here is to ensure to continue the leadership in advancing knowledge, to support the already existing talent in the UK and also to ensure that the UK Immigration system is in a position of attracting the best minds from across the world.

The government will launch the fast-track immigration route, later in the year, and it has a design of attracting cream of the top researchers and specialists in technology, science, and engineering domains.

Three Features of UK Immigration

  • Abolishing the cap on numbers that are eligible for the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visas,
  • Ensuring that the dependents of successful applicants are in a position to access the labor market in Britain,
  • Removing the requirement to have the job offer before arrival

There will also be another set of options in the new system, created after holding talks with institutions and universities. The aim here is expansion of the pool of colleges and research institutes which endorse candidates and speed up the path of their settlement. Already the UK Immigration received a boost as the universities and Business groups have welcomed the move, and are seeking reforms in addressing the skills shortages, in the technology domain.

Universities like Oxford and Cambridge, feel that the sector will be damaged if there is no exit deal from the European Union. There will be a cataclysmic effect on research links and the bright students will be deterred from studying in Britain.

The Academic Scene

In the academic year 2018 -19, there was a 3 percent decline in the number of EU students seeking enrollment in the leading universities of Britain. This has hit postgraduate research in a big way.

The PM advocates the UK Immigration System in a similar points-based style of Australia. This will help the government with a better control in attracting the right talent necessary for filling the gaps increasing in the workforce. Britain must be a prosperous economy having an immigration system which attracts the finest, best and brightest global talent.

UK Jobs - Global Leader in Research

Observers and stake holders have welcomed this measure stating that it will boost the position of the country as a global leader in research. The universities endeavor to recruit talents among the staff and students, irrespective of the country of origin.

The government plans to provide further funding for helping the scientists and researchers who sought EU funding in front of Britain’s exit from the EU which will happen by October 31.

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