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UK Introduces A Graduate Route for Immigration of Promising Students

In 2020 UK proposes to allow students who pursue higher education for staying and working, or looking for work, for a period of two years after they complete their education.

A News Graduate Route For Immigration

It serves as a major boost for students who choose Britain for pursuing their higher education. It is indeed a great opportunity for talented global students for remaining in the United Kingdom for two years. 

The route is available to students who successfully complete a study course at an undergraduate level or more than that in a recognized institution of higher education it will commence from the Academic Year 2020-2021. The Route also demonstrates that the UK has a focus and commitment best suited to attract the finest global students and also reflects the high value it places on the contribution made by global students to the UK economy.  This is excellent news for all categories of students who have a plan to study overseas. It offers flexibility to build a career in the UK, provides an opportunity to work and get a rich life experience.

It Offers Many Benefits

Priti Patel, the British Home Secretary stated that the new Route will offer a means to talented students to study in and also gain valuable work experience to build a successful career. It shows an outlook to attract the brightest and finest global students.  On completing the norm of two years, they can changeover to the skilled work visa when they get a job meets the skill requirements of the visa. An announcement regarding further details will be made eventually. The visa includes a set of safeguards for ensuring the entry of authentic and realistic students. Additionally after the change the students will be in a position to unlock their potential and begin a promising career in the UK. The UK has a top ranks in overall satisfaction of international students in comparison to other major destinations.


Finally, the attractive work offer (post-study) will open new doors in favor of international students. It will benefit employers in the UK to get access to global talent. We bring all such news and cover the important trends. Please contact us.

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