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UK MPs Demand Better Relationship And Relaxed Visa Rules For Indians

UK MPs Demand Better Relationship And Relaxed Visa Rules For Indians

The Foreign Affairs Committee Report, in the UK House of Commons is hoping that there will be a reawakening in the UK-India ties. There is a need for Easy visa and a relaxed immigration policy covering the Indian students, professionals and tourists for rebuilding this relationship.

Case for a Fresh approach in India UK relationship

The UK migration policy resulted in a failure to attract Indian students and tourists. They were an asset contributing to the economy and were strengthening the bilateral ties. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office needs to ensure that the overall improved relationship with India is reflected in the expansive government policy for migration. India presently is a democracy and is also strategically important. Additionally, it shares common values, history and language. More Indians must visit/study in the UK, in comparison to the autocratic China. Furthermore, the UK is leaving the EU, and now is the right time for rearranging the relationship. There is no room for complacency or a historical connection but a modern partnership is the need of the day.

Visa restrictions for Indian students 

India has called for relaxing the visa restrictions but, the UK failed to include students from India on the list of countries with a low-risk but included China in it.  This involved a simple visa application process for attending the British universities. In 2010-11 39,090 students from India attended institutions of higher education in the Kingdom. In 2017-18, only 19,750 came for the courses.

Tom Tugendhat, an MP and Chairman of the committee, stated that there are a million people of the Indian birth presently living in the UK. There similar principles in the international interest, a strong link through a Diaspora, besides involvement in trade, tourism, education, investment, and security interests.

Better relationship is necessary

Despite these traits, the UK failed to give commensurate attention this relationship. India is a new power challenging the global trade structure and there is a case for better opportunity to partner with it now. Moreover, there are factors like security, Trade, a commitment to the international system for the growth and evolution of a strong partnership.

UK must build bridges with India

The government must also ensure clear support for India, and also reawaken the ties besides building lasting bridges. India is a major partner for the UK sharing the unique broad and deep relationship. The exchange of people, ideas and culture will serve as a living bridge' between these countries.

Case for Technology Partnership

A strong Technology Partnership will look to the future and also create high-value jobs. Together both the nations can be a force in the world, and also tackle climate change and building many sustainable cities.

A recent report showed that there was a 45 percent growth among the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visas involving the Digital Technology in 2018-19 from Indian applicants.

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