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UK PM Plans to Count International Students as Immigrants
Posted on: 10 Jan 2018  |   Tags: study abroad , visa and immigration , work abroad ,

Despite several warnings from her cabinet, UK Prime Minister, Theresa May is firm on her stand to count international students as immigrants. It is absolutely okay if she wants to downsize the number of immigrants and only want the highly skilled ones to stay in the country. However, counting students are immigrants would be wrong since not all of them stay back. Some go to back to their country while others go to other countries. This isn’t the first time the prime minister has had isolating views about immigration. Back when she was the home minister, the views started. Amber Rudd, the current home minister, has already warned May about the consequences she will have to handle if she decides to implement her aspects. She also warned her about losing votes for the new Immigration bill because not many people in the parliament agree with it. The prime minister’s representative said that May is clear on her stand. According to the international definition of immigrants, he is a person who stays in another country for 12 months or longer. Philip Hammond, Chancellor, and Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary, told May to abandon her position in the government if she wants immigration in the UK to be below 100,000 annually. The representative declined when reporters asked if she was being pressurized by the cabinet members. Students might not come to the UK Open Britain and The Independent, a famous newspaper in Great Britain, are running a target together, called Drop the Target. The campaign says that if they want to drop immigrant numbers then remove students from the list. It goes without saying that students resent coming to the UK if the rules are strict and limits their capabilities. They will instead go to Canada where the opportunities are endless, and the government and people are welcoming. Even UK’s Universities Minister, Jo Johnson, and Liam Fox, International Trade Secretary, don’t agree with Theresa May.

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