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UK Promises Introduction of A New Fast-Track Visa For Global Doctors

UK Promises Introduction of A New Fast-Track Visa For Global Doctors

British Home Secretary has come with a promise to hire medical professionals and make it easy for them. This will immensely help India and other countries in addressing the shortages in the National Health Service of the UK.

Changes in the UK Immigration

Additionally, the new Visa will become a part of a new Immigration System Based on Points which the Conservative Party plans of introducing if it regains the power in the December polls.     

The main features of such a new visa would be reduced fees and a quick processing time of two weeks, catering to the qualified doctors as well as nurses. This measure allows the government to control numbers, and also to remain open, to essential professions.

This is a welcome measure for attracting necessary global talent so that the NHS provides bright services and ensures no strain to the UK by opening its borders to the world.

Boris Johnson is in favor of the immigration system based on points similar to Australia. The UK would introduce it after it leaves the European Union and when the free movement rules of EU freedom no longer exist.

Changes in the structure are for good

The proposed fee for Visa is 464 pounds, and there is a fast-track process applicable to applicants who get a decision in two weeks. Additionally, there will be preferential treatment in the new system for persons coming to perform for the NHS and awarding extra points. Another feature is the payment support where the applicants can pay the Immigration Health Surcharge through their salary.

The IHS introduced in 2015 had a hike in December 2018 to 400 pounds from 200 pounds annually. It is liable to be paid by all persons arriving in the UK to work, study or take the family visa for a period more than six months to raise extra funds for NHS.

A professional body argues the case

The British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin is a large representative body highlighting the issues of doctors of Indian-origin, lobbied the UK Home Office for reorganizing the charge payable by professionals who contribute to the NHS.

Doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals from various countries including India are the backbones of the healthcare system and also occupy critical posts in clinics and hospitals of the UK. The Health Secretary stated that the NHS must offer the best care to each and every person, and expand training at home; and also attract the top global talent. From inception, NHS has resorted to global recruitment.

This visa will make hiring the finest doctors easier and allow them to work in the NHS to provide the best care to patients.  A proper Vote will bring immigration under control and also ensure a fair investment in NHS.

The future policies must be fair

Additionally, already there is an announcement of a fast-track visa for attracting specialists belonging to science, technology, and engineering. There is also a proposal to scrap a cap on skilled workers, like doctors, when the exit happens.

There is a proposal to consider scrapping the requirement of minimum salary (GBP 30,000) for skilled migrants who seek the visas for five years.   The policy must view the income threshold, of nurses, cooks, hospital porters’, cleaners, and others who render a vital service to hospitals, and into the right to welcome their family members.

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