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UKVI to Launch New 'Select Business Scheme' For Easy Visa Processing

UK Visas and Immigration under UK government has announced a new visa service to the immigrants on Tuesday at Jakarta. The simple visa service, known as "Select Business Scheme", will be available to occupants of eligible organizations whose representatives were currently at the inauguration. 'Select Business Scheme' is a tailored and streamlined visa application process that minimizes documentation requirements. Workers of member firms are needed to submit only an official job offer letter and a valid passport along with employees application.

UKVI regional director, Dominique Hardy Says

Asia-Pacific's UKVI regional director, Dominique Hardy said that over 55,000 visas were issued in the earlier year, Indonesia is one of the UK's biggest and rapidly growing overseas visa trades in Asia-Pacific. "We expect the 'Select Business Scheme' can indicate our own diverge commitment in offering simple and easy visa services to match", Dominique said. The tailored visa application scheme will open to businesses who have been welcomed by the Department for International Trade or UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

British Ambassador to Indonesia, Moazzam Malik Says

United Kingdom ambassador to Indonesia, Moazzam Malik said that he was honored to launch this visa application called, 'Select Business Scheme' in Indonesia. "The whole 23 firms that are mentioned today, are the firms who either have an existing bond between the Indonesia and UK, or organizations for whom we trust there is a great career in building a bond between the Indonesia and United Kingdom. Some of those are Briton organizations who have a local authority and are hyperactive in trading for decades in Indonesia, firms like BP, WPP, Prudential or but there are so many Indonesian firms that are popular in Indonesia. I am sure, these firms will lead Indonesia into the huge economic growth in the 21st century," Malik added.

Indonesian organizations

PT Santosa Jaya Abadi, PT Kereta Api Indonesia, and PT Unilever Indonesia are the listed Indonesian organizations. Workers of firms needed for the "Select Business Scheme" are also invited to apply for a 2years, 5years, or 10-years long-term travel visa. Those employees can use this visa for different purposes with multiple entries such as business holiday vocations, training, seminars, and trips. Hardy revealed that Indonesia was the third topped nation in Asia-Pacific who granted the Select Business Scheme, following India and China.

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