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US Immigration: USCIS Refused 18,607 H-1B Visas in First Quarter of FY20
Posted on: 03 Feb 2020  |   Tags: US immigration , work in us , Work in USA , Work Visa ,

US Immigration: USCIS Refused 18,607 H-1B Visas in First Quarter of FY20

The United States Immigration: Citizenship & Immigration Services (U.S.C.I.S) rejected a sum of 18,607 H-1B non-immigrant visas in the initial quarter of the fiscal year 2020. While the rate of approval for the quarter was at 83.4 percent, lower than the median for the prior fiscal year 84.3 percent, it was a marked enhancement over the initial quarter of the fiscal year 2019 where there were 25,080 visas were refused.

Statistics of US H-1B Visas

The US Citizenship & Immigration Services (U.S.C.I.S) follows an October- September fiscal year. The US Citizenship & Immigration Services (U.S.C.I.S), which manages the entire visa process, announced that it had received 77,899 new petitions or appeals during the quarter and a sum of 93,637 petitions or appeals had been accepted.

The numbers actually do not tally as some of the appeals or petitions accepted or refused would have been obtained in a distinct period of time.

While the nation or company-specific information is not available yet, Indian citizens have always been the greatest beneficiaries of the US H-1B work visa permit, with approximately 70 percent being granted to citizens from India. As a consequence, most of the visas refused are often of Indian citizens, particularly those working for Indian based services firms at third-party areas. Experts say that in their view, there was a more notable dip in the opening half of the Financial year 2019 and the acceptance rates appear to have improved in the most recent months, following some court cases went upon the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (U.S.C.I.S) regarding specialty profession, connection of education, and many other parameters said by the immigration experts and reputed immigration consulting firms in India.

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