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US Will Begin The H-1B Application Process In March 2020 For The Year
Posted on: 20 Jan 2020  |   Tags: US Permanent Residence , US Visa , US Work Permit ,

US Will Begin The H-1B Application Process In March 2020 For The Year

The USA scrapped an old rule in January with the aim of refining the process allowing companies to file applications leading to the short work-permit for many technology workers. Presently they have to register the names of professionals whom they intend to send.

New Process In Operation

The authorities will start this process to award H-1B work visas for the Fiscal Year 2021 from March itself, and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will play a leading role in it. The Homeland Security Department has also stated that it aims to finalize the names from the registered list to submit the application for the H-1 B visa by 31st March.

The authorities propose to cut the costs and time for all applicants in this process. The company is required to pay $10 to register the name of all applicants. $4,500 application fee must be paid for an H-1B visa when the candidates pass the selection stage.

Some observers of immigration are concerned that this visa processing will face delays in the new set up.
As a matter of routine, the H-1B season begins in March and ends in April. At present, it will extend from early March (registration stage) and run until 31st July 2020.

Taking A Long Time

Fundamentally, the USCIS will need a long time to adjudicate all the cases and most of the overseas nationals as well as the companies will miss the starting date set on October 1st.

In the registration stage, employers must give basic information on the candidates and the company. On the selection of the candidates by using the online lottery, companies have to file the complete H-1B visa application in their favor. Indians have immensely benefited from the H-1B visas issued by USA, for availing the services of qualified and specialized persons for working in the country.

Each year, USCIS has a task to issue 65,000 H-1B visas, and 20,000 more exist for the students who have a master’s degree. After President Trump assumed the charge, USA has regularly declined to issue more visas in favor of employees that belong to the exporters’ of Indian software. The Indian companies obtained work-permit in favor of many professionals to the US, to serve their client projects.

New Dimensions

USA is presently favoring technology companies belonging to the US giants like Google, Apple, and Face book. As a result, the rejection rate of H-1B applicants of Indian IT companies increased in a big way to 24% in 2019 but it was only 6% in 2015. In 2019, eight among the ten major companies receiving the most H-1B visas, were non-Indian companies. The immigration process has become refined at present but the regulations are the same as before and are likely to continue in the future as well. The authorities are presently focused and companies have applied for many positions.

The situation will remain unchanged as President Trump seeks the second term in November 2020. We at CareerOverseas, bring all the details so that our patrons can contact us.

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