Vietnam is Welcoming More Tourists

With the varied landscapes, coastlines and exotic destinations in the South East Asian region serving as catalysts for tourism activity, Vietnamese tourism has taken full advantage of this opportunity. It has now crossed an iconic number of 10 million arrivals for the first time in history.

According to figures released by the tourism industry of Vietnam, the country was home to more than 10 million international tourists in 2016, signalling a surge of 26% in the number of visits in comparison to the previous year’s statistics. This has resulted in Vietnam generating revenue worth 16.5 billion euros in 2016 fiscal.

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Moreover, the tourism activity in Vietnam is growing at an unprecedented rate with more than 2.2 million visitors in the initial two months of this year, which is 33% more than the previous fiscal year. A large number of tourists came from France, with a record number of 250000 arrivals last year. This is a 14% increase from 2015. There’s also Russia and UK which are the only nations surpassing France in the number of visits standing at 434000 which is an increase of 28% and 255000 (20%) visitors respectively, as compared to last year.

But it is the  Asian countries which make up the lion’s share of visitors with an impressive 2.7 million visitors from China, which is 51% more from the previous year. Even Korean visitors have multiplied in number reaching 1.55 million- an increase of 39%.

Vietnam had made its borders highly accessible to achieve these targets by introducing an electronic visa process and simpler, friendlier visa renewal policies which are now a part of the tourism legislation. Vietnam now has set a target of inviting 11.5 million international visitors by the end of 2017. They are benefiting from the the accessible and welcome environment of the country, and visitation facilities introduced by the tourism department.

So if you have a wish to visit Vietnam, now is the time to go ahead!

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